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The Society would like to thank Linda Forryan for the drawing of the Churches at the head of the site
We get many requests for help from the general public on subjects relating to Wigston and the local area. Many of these we can answer from our “in house” knowledge or by searching our archive of records.
However from time to time we do not have the information and need help.
Below are some of the items you may be able to help us with. We do appreciate your help.
If you can help please e-mail [email protected]
Photographs of Bassett Street Schools in South Wigston
Does anyone have any photographs of any of the Bassett Street Schools please. We would be happy to collect them locally scan them and return them. Alternatively if you could scan them at a high resolution and e-mail them to us. Thank You
Ice Cream Kiosk at Wistow Park
There was a small building in Wistow Park that was we believe a shooting hut originally but in the 1950’s & 1960’s was used as an Ice Cream Kiosk. Can anyone remember this and does anyone have a photograph of it?
Women’s Institute (WI) Wigston Magna
Was there a WI in Wigston Magna? We can find no mention of any WI activities in the archives. If you have any information please contact us below.
The Star and Garter Inn - Leicester Road - Wigston Magna
We are looking for more historical information on the Star and Garter Inn on Leicester Road. There was also an undertakers at the rear of the building with stables and a garage. Any information would be of interest.
Belmont House - Station Road - Wigston Magna
Do you have an information or pictures of Belmont House which was located on Station Road on the Bushloe End side of the Council Offices.
The Queens Head Inn - Bull Head Street - Wigston Magna
One of our members is researching The Queens Head and has asked if anyone can assist with background information about the Inn over the years. Photographs of the building both inside and outside would be appreciated.
Photographs of People or Places in Wigston Magna
Our “archive” of photographs contains some 2,500 images. However we always want more to record Wigston Magna across the ages.
Your photographs may be 100 years old or only 10 years old but we would still like to borrow them, scan them and return the originals to you.
Group wedding photographs are especially important as they identify key people who lived in Wigston.
Queen Victoria Jubilee Fountain sited at The Bank in Wigston Magna errected 1897
At our Christmas meeting we had a quiz and then showed some pictures of old Wigston which included a view of The Bank and the Queen Victoria Jubilee Fountain dating from 1897. The actual picture was circa 10 years later as the tree behind the fountain was planted in 1897 as a small sapling and in this picture shows the tree having about 10 years of growth.
A number of our members were interested in what happened to the fountain when it was removed. Was it destroyed or did it end up in someone’s garden?
Many other questions then arose:-
Was the original fountain made at the Empire Stone works in Narborough?
In what year was the fountain removed?
Are there any photographs of the fountain in situ?
Aerial Photographs of Wigston Magna
We are trying to obtain photographs of Wigston taken from the air or high buildings. It does not matter when they were taken. We need both old and new images.
The older images will allow up to identify buildings and locations whilst the most up to date images will allow up to overlay the outlines of old buildings on the recent images.
A set of images taken since 2000 would be most welcome.
The Royal Oak Public House - Welford Road - Wigston
The old Royal Oak premises on Welford Road Wigston are being turned into a supermarket. Out Society would like to create a brief history of the Public House and would like to collect as much information about the building, its usage, owners and stories about it. We have some photographs but would like more including the inside of the building. If you have any stories about the Public House please contact us.
Stories about Wigston Between the Wars
Do you have some interesting stories about Wigston life between the Wars? If you lived in Wigston can you jot down notes on what your life was like and the things that would be interesting to record for others to read. Talk about shops, people, places and events. All of these are of interest to others and help to record the history of Wigston.
If you can help please e-mail [email protected]
Please also look at "Identify Photographs"
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