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Many books about Wigston have been produced over the years.
Some can be found in the Wigston Library on Bull Head Street Wigston Magna.
A Wigston Wander
( A gentle walk around the history of Wigston) - Duncan Lucas 1981
Another Wigston Wander
( A gentle walk around the history of Wigston) - Duncan Lucas 1989
Baker’s Boy
(Biographical recollections of J T Hilton and Son, Bakers)
Margaret Hilton
Bygone Wigston, Volume I
(Wigston history in photographs) - Duncan Lucas 1979
Bygone Wigston, Volume II
(Wigston history in photographs) - Duncan Lucas 1980
Centenary of Bell Street Infants School
(Wigston 1874 to 1970) - Leicestershire County Council
Champion of The People
(Life and Times of Orson Wright) - Peter Cousins 2013
Duncan’s Leicestershire Ditties
(Local Sayings and Ditties) - Duncan Lucas 2008
Forgotten Wigston
(via the paintbrush) Duncan Lucas, Alan Kind, Dr Margaret Bonney
For the Record
Edna Taylor & Bob Wignall 1992
George the Good & George the Bad
(The story of George Davenport the highwayman)
various members - edited by Duncan Lucas 2008
Joseph Potter 1815 - 1883
(Landlord of the Plough Inn Wigston Magna) - Julia Lee
Leicestershire Yoeman Families & Their Pedigree
W G Hoskins
One Man's Wigston
(A personal view of Wigston) - Duncan Lucas 1993
People in Wigston Magna
(Portraits of a Community) - Gerry Broughton
South Wigston, between the Wars 1914/1945
(Inter War Years in South Wigston) Peter Mastin 1997
South Wigston
(the early Years 1883/1913) - Peter Mastin 1997
St Wistan - Our Local Saint
(a connection with Wistow and Wigston Magna) - The Rev. Stephen Weston
Strange Happenings in Wigston
(list of strange things that occurred in Wigston) - Duncan Lucas 1997
The Brockhill Story
(The Complete Story of Brockhill Wigston) - Duncan Lucas 2008
The Forryan’s of Wigston 1808 to 1900
(History of the Forryan family in Wigston) - Mike Forryan 1993
The Gallant Steelback
(History of William Ewart Boulter VC) - Derek Seaton
The Population of An English Village
(A study of Wigston Magna 1086 - 1801) - W G Hoskins
The Story of Peace Memorial Park
(History of a Park in Wigston Magna) - Borough of Oadby & Wigston
The Streets of Wigston in the 1930’s Updated
(Updating of the Original W G Hoskins publication) - Duncan Lucas 2012
The Way We Were - 111 Years of South Wigston
(produced as souvenir of an exhibition held March 1995)
Peter Mastin 1995
The Wigstons
Duncan Lucas & Tricia Berry 2005
Through all the Changing Scenes
Bill Ward 1985
Up Wiggy
(A personal Story of life in Wigston) - Doreen Boulter 1993
Victorian Wigston
(A look at Victorian Wigston through the Census) - Bernard Elliott 1989
Wiggy's Child
(A personal Story of life in Wigston) - Doreen Boulter 1988
Wiggy's War
(A personal Story of life in Wigston) - Doreen Boulter 1988
Wigston & District Official Guide
(Industrial & Development Guide) - Bernard M’Quillin
Wigston at War
(Thoughts and descriptions of Wigston in the War) - Pamela Ward 2004
Wigston Blue Plaque Booklet
(Full details of the local Blue Plaques) - Tricia Berry 2007
Wigston Businesses - Past and Present
(A pictorial view of shops and businesses in Wigston Magna and South Wigston) Tony Danvers & Stuart Brown
Wigston in 1891
(An in depth look at Wigston via the 1891 Census) - Bernard Elliott 1994
Wigston Harcourt
(All about Wigston Harcourt and it’s names) - Duncan Lucas & Bill Ward 1986
Wigston In The First World War
Duncan Lucas, Derek Seaton, Patricia Berry
Jean Dann
Wigston Lancaster Crash
(A Tribute to Polish Pilots) - Duncan Lucas & Mike Forryan 2008
Wigston Magna, its buildings extant, altered or demolished
(Details of buildings in Wigston Magna) - Jim Colver 1994
Wigston Magna & South
(Overview of the two Hamlets) - Peter Mastin, Duncan Lucas & Tricia Berry 1997
Wigston Magna Town Trail
(A guided walk around Wigston Magna) - various members - edited by
Edna Taylor 1989
Wigston Street Past and Present
Compiled by Tony Danvers
William Wyggeston and His World
(History of William Wyggeston 2013) - Jill Bourne
Wigston In The First World War
(How WW1 changed Wigston Magna and South Wigston)
- Duncan Lucas, Derek Seaton, Tricia Berry & Jean Dann
If you know of other books that have been published please let us know and
we will add them to the list. Thank You